Nowadays, it is always a difficult task to establish a new business due to the nature of competition everywhere. Even if you are able to successfully set up one, getting customers can be a nightmare if you don’t take strategic steps. You really have to be on top of your game if you want to attract and keep customers because a little slip can ruin all you efforts.

Product quality must be maintained and an efficient service delivery must be adopted to gain the loyalty of customers. Thus, striving to keep up with the day to day running of the business can be burdensome if there no flexible system in place that allows you to delegate functions. Your business website is probably of the most important assets you have in your business.

It is almost impossible to excel in any business today’s digital world without establishing an online presence through your website. This is what makes you original and endears customers to your products or services. However, it will take more than a simple website displaying your products or offerings to win the hearts of potential customers. What you need is the right theme that will match your business brand. But how do you know where the find the best ones that can meet all your needs?

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the best business WordPress themes available today.


1. Helix

Houzez Real Estate WordPress Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you need a website to accelerate your marketing campaign, then Helix is a good option. Helix is business wordpress theme specially designed for the purpose of marketing a company’s products or services. It is suitable for businesses and Corporate agencies.


2. Vixa

Vixa - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

$60 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Visa uses a design concept which is familiar to the creative business class but in a very powerful way. This wordpress theme can be used to create a website that captivates visitors encouraging them to take actions. Its visual impact is powerful and that is why it is still one of the best business themes you will ever get to use.


3. Inspire

Inspire - Business WordPress Theme

$49 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you want a functional wordpress theme that you can easily customize to meet your business needs, then Inspire is an ideal option. You can optimize its large library of features to create an incredible experience for your users. It comes with a very elegant design, making it a beauty to behold.


4. Navy

Navy - MultiPurpose Multi-Concept Business WordPress Theme$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Navay is one of the few business multipurpose wordpress themes that you can use to create a professional appeal to customers. It has a rich design and a clean interface which makes it a powerful tool for attracting visitors. It comes with many pre-built layouts which you can customize to match you brand.


5. Merab

Merab - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme


$29 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Merab is a creative multipurpose wordpress theme enabled with a good number of stylish features which makes it a perfect solution for business websites wishing to drive sales through persuasive marketing. It is versatile and provides everything you night need to create company and personal websites in various industries.


6. Finance Hawk

Finance Hawk - Finance and Consulting Business WordPress Theme

$60 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Building an online presence within a short time in a crowded marketplace like the web requires strategic promotion with a compelling pre-built theme like Finance Hawks. Developed for finance and consulting business, Finance hawk is the only website template you will ever need to gain visibility online


7. Tinker

Tinker - Auto Mechanic & Car Repair WordPress Theme

$39 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Talk about establishing credibility in a competitive auto mechanic and car repair market, talk about Tinker. This is a clean modern wordpress themes specially designed for automobile businesses with a high value for professionalism. It comes with breeze of distinction which separates your brand from the crowd.


8. Uplift

Uplift - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Uplift is an ideal website solution for creative professionals especially tech companies, designers, and web developers. This wordpress theme can be optimized to build a large customer base due to its alluring effect on visitors. It comes with a lot of tools which you can use to create a professional website that stands on its own.


9. TheFox

TheFox- Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

TheFox is another superior wordpress template that can be used to create compelling web pages. Unlike most themes, TheFox is a business theme that possesses intrinsic qualities. It doesn’t come with much sophistications; just a well-built framework to promote your work.


10. Jupiter

Jupiter - Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Jupiter is a wordpress theme that may be the first and last you might ever give out your money for. It is built with an appealing design and can be scaled for both creative and business needs. It has a strong visual impact and is regarded as a perfect solution for all creative professionals especially in the entertainment industry.