Have you ever thought of building your own real estate site but don’t know where or how to start? Or perhaps you just need a space to list one or two rental properties without having to pay through your nose for it. You don’t have to worry anymore because it is now possible to get unique real estate wordpress themes that can help promote your business to the web community.

Nowadays, doing business without a company website is like fetching water with a loose basket. There is no limit to how much money you can lose without establishing an online presence through you own business site. Whether you agree or not, old methods of doing things are now really "old" for today and do not always work. Creating a website for your rental business might just be the only thing you lack to bring in the right customers and boost sales. Most of these themes come with several features (like Google Map integration, advanced communication, property listing service support, front-end submission forms, etc.) which you can use to your own advantage. Interestingly, they can be viewed on smartphones, giving you access to more audience. You can even customize them to meet your needs.

So what are the best wordpress themes you can use for your real estate site?

Let’s quickly see some of them below

1. Realty

Realty WordPress Theme

$69 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Realty is all about quality; so if you need a real estate theme that will match your high quality properties, then Realty is your best shot. It is a responsive theme that allows your potential customers to easily browse through your selections from their smartphones or any other device. Though not always necessary, you can also apply some customizations to personalize the theme.


2. Houzez

Houzez Real Estate WordPress Theme

$21 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If there is anything Houzez is known for, it is its stylish outlook. This wordpress theme can be used by any real estate company to capture the heart of customers and expand their business. The theme is built with various cutting edge features which go well with your properties. With a little customization, Houzez can put you in front of competitors.


3. DreamVilla

DreamVilla Real Estate WordPress Theme

$44 – DownloadDemoHire Us

DreamVilla is specially designed for landlords with single real estate properties or buildings. It comes with matching features that makes your website interactive and interesting to visitors. In fact, with DreamVilla, your property automatically sells itself.


4. Reales

Reales Real Estate WordPress Theme$54 – DownloadDemoHire Us

This wordpress theme is very simple and straight forward. Although, it doesn’t come with much sophistication like the others, it is still embedded with essential features that give your site a distinct look. It is a good fit for landlords who wish to quickly get their website online.


5. Solus


$49 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Just like DreamVilla, Solus is designed for single property real estate sites. It comes with many personalized options (like custom colour) and is very easy to use. It will make a good choice for anyone who wish to sell their single property online without building a full website for it.


6. Zoner

Zoner Real Estate WordPress theme

$60 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Zoner is a responsive real estate theme that is built with the tech savvy in mind. It allows potentials customers to painlessly navigate your website from any device or platform. With Zoner, you can easily manage your properties without any hassle. It comes with rich features that enable you personalize your real estate business.


7. Real Homes

Real Homes Real Estate WordPress theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you need a real estate theme can speak more than words, then Real Homes is specailly for you. It is designed with a lot of value added features that gives visitors an experience of your properties that is close to "real". It is one of the few themes available that truly meets the need of the real estate industry.


8. Realtyspace

RealtySpace Real Estate WordPress Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Realtyspace is a clean responsive wordpress theme that comes with various features such as builders, a visual composer, and well planned layout that gives your website a real estate feel.


9. Real Places

Real Places Real Estate WordPress Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Real places is pretty straight-forward when it comes to revealing your business to potential customers by staging all your properties in an organized centred layout. It comes with features like custom fields and post types which makes it very easy to add the details of any building. You can also add the building locations through Google map as well as videos and pictures to make each property stand out.


10. Citilights

Citi Light Real Estate WordPress Theme.

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Talk about gorgeous, talk about Citilights. This theme is really stylish and incorporates a very easy management feature for property owners and agents. With Citilights, you can easily organize your properties in the most elegant way, much to the admiration of potential customers. It comes with an intuitive control panel that is as simple as possible.

There you have it; the best of the best. Although there are many great real estate wordpress themes that were not able to make the list, this does not mean they are inferior to the ones listed above. However, the ones here should you’re your search for the best real estate wordpress theme for your site a lot easier.