Nowadays entrepreneurship opportunities are evolving, and in no distant time, more roles will be created. However, nothing is more effective than having a personal brand. Even if you have the best skill set, or products, chances are that not many people will know about you if you have no efficient way of promoting your talent or products. Large organizations wouldn’t have probably gotten to where they are if they didn’t taking their signature branding seriously as well as their business image. Therefore, you need to renegotiate your brand if you haven’t done so already because that’s the only way you can stand out from the crowd. There is no easier means to get the attention you deserve for your expertise and experience.

One of the best ways, you can promote your personal brand is by having your own website. In a digital period like the 21st century, not many people have the time or even care to search for a particular product in their favourite newspaper (that’s if they actually have one). It seems building an online presence is the most effective method of marketing yourself. And you are not going to achieve that with just any kind of website. When it comes to a serious issue like promoting your skills, what you need is an unlimited responsive website that features all the latest trend and designs in web technologies. So where can you find such templates?

Below is a list of some of the best HTML5 personal website template you can use to create stunning resumes and personal portfolios.



LEPARD-Personal/Portfolio HTML5 Template

$12 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Everything about LEPARD is simple and professional with a breeze of perfection. It is a fully responsive HTML5 website template that is adaptable to all your needs. You finally have the opportunity to let everyone know the stuff you are made of in the most artistic yet powerful way. The clean stylish design of this template makes it an indispensable tool for all creative entrepreneurs.


2. Hamar

Hamar - Personal Portfolio html5 Template

$10 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Just like LEPARD, Hamar is a powerful HTML5 website template that is very effective for personal branding. Well organized with a lot of useful feature, Hamar is truly dynamic in every sense. You might not want to purchase any other template for your website after trying it out. Its aesthetic feel will always distinguish you in the face of clients.


3. Harper

HARPER-Personal/Portfolio Html5 Template

$12 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you want clients and businesses to value you for what you can do, then you need an efficient way of advertising your works. No organization or individually will like to take a second look at a poorly organized resume that fails to highlights your strong points and achievements in a fashionable way. The is exactly what Harper helps you to achieve.


4. MongKok

MongKok - Modern Onepage Resume / Personal Theme

$18 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Monkok is an impressive one page personal website template built on bootstrap. You can use it to create websites that attracts businesses and clients to your work. No need for any coding. Just set it up and publish your work in a creative way.



FIERSTA-Personal / Portfolio HTML5 Template

$11 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you need a well-executed modern website template to publish your personal portfolio and resume in a professional yet fashionable way, then FIERSTA website template is what you need. You can easily customize the template to your taste.


6. MySelf

MySelf - Personal Portfolio HTML5 Template
$49 – DownloadDemoHire Us

MySelf is a great template for creating impressive personal websites. Clients will quickly develop trust in your capacity just be looking at your website. It is one of the best templates you can use to get fast results when it comes to marketing your skills in a creative way


7. Taurus

Taurus - Personal Blog HTML Template

$15 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Do you need a clean simplistic personal website that can impress potential employers effortlessly? If so, then Taurus is a perfect option. Taurus is a stunning blog template that uses high image enhancement technologies like retina graphics and color schemes to give your website a wow appearance.



RESUMY - Personal HTML Template

$16 – DownloadDemoHire Us

When all other templates fail, you can be rest assured that RESUMY will get the job done. This amazing HTML template is second to no other. It comes with a lot of customizable options which you can play with to create a dashing page to showcase your talents. It specially designed for creative people and businesses.


9. SpirIT

SpirIT – Portfolio&Resume HTML Template for Developers, Programmers and Freelancers.

$20 – DownloadDemoHire Us

This is one template every developer should try out. SpirIT is a creative template very useful for creating exceptional resume pages. If you want to stand out as a freelancer, then you SpirIT is a good match for you.


10. Aweblog

Aweblog - Creative and Minimal Blog HTML Template

$18 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Aweblog is a powerful search engine optimized HTML website template that comes with a minimal design and a simple style. It is a perfect blog solution, so you might want to consider it for your personal blogging experience. It has a large library of resources that allows you to customize it to suit whatever purpose you have in mind.