One page WordPress themes are considered as one of the best solution for creating amazing portfolio pages, beautiful business websites, and dynamic corporate webpages. It gives your website that creative outlook it needs to stand out of the crowd by highlighting relevant information about your company in a single page. It is also a perfect solution for freelancers and small start-ups wishing to gain visibility online within a relatively short period of time. Unlike a multipage website, you don’t need a lot of content to make your point.

There several wordpress themes out there which you can use to give your website a more professional look. Interestingly, most of them cater for all kinds of businesses. They are also designed with desirable features like transitions, parallax scrolling, background videos, sliders and animations, which are all geared to give your website an amazing appearance. There is no better way to impress visitors than providing a visual appealing and straightforward interface which eliminates the trouble of navigating several pages for just a single product or service.

So how do you get a good one page wordpress theme for your website? Let’s quickly see the some of the best ones available.



Metrika — Responsive OnePage WordPress Theme

$44 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Metrika is a one notable one page theme that is admired for its creativity and elegance. It comes with a library of features that makes it suitable for various applications such as resumes, beauty salons, health and fitness as well as creative industries like photography and design. More importantly, Metrika adds a strong sense of purpose to your website.


2. 2. Redfolio

Redfolio - a Responsive OnePage WordPress Theme

$64 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Orion is a responsive one page wordpress template that is enabled with a lot of parallax features for supreme functionality. It is ideal for creating resume and personal portfolio websites, as it highlights your skills in the most illustrative way.


3. Jarvis

Jarvis - Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme

$60 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Jarvis offers endless design possibilities for your wordpress one page site. It is a multi-concept theme which can be used by business corporate bodies and personal agencies or contractors. It has a rich library of colours and patterns which you can adjust to you preferred taste whilst still maintaining its impressive layout.


4. WindCake

WindCake - OnePage WordPress Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

WindCake is a one page wordpress template with a simplistic design for dessert websites. It has a sweet unique interface that can quickly trigger the appetite of visitors to find out what you are cooking up. There is no better way to display your cookery expertise.


5. Split

Treson - One Page WordPress Theme
$47 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Treson is clean responsive website template specially designed for creating impressive personal resume and portfolios. It has a stylish design with an aura of elegance. It is enabled with 3 super features which capture different concepts, themes and blocks. If you need a personal website that can create a deep sense of professionalism, then Treson personal website template is a perfect choice.


6. UNO

Uno - Personal Portfolio & Resume Page

$17 – DownloadDemoHire Us

We all know how powerful and effective one page sites are when it comes to grasping attention. Think about what that could do for your personal brand. If you ever need a single page site that will get the job done without much ado, then Uno HTML5 personal portfolio template is what you need. Get it now and build the perfect resume that speaks for your brand.


7. Napoli

Napoli - One Page Parallax WordPress Themes

$39 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Napoli is a responsive one page theme that can be used to create powerful resume websites. It comes with amazing parallax features and builders which you can use to build an impressive portfolio page. There is no better way to leave your imprints in the heart of potential employers or business partners.


8. October

October - Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

$44 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you need a creative one page website that is built on a bootstrap framework that features some of the most appealing innovative designs for creative professionals, then October is exactly what you need. This wordpress theme is specially designed for artists, graphic designers, illustrators and other agencies that have a thing for creativity.


9. Patti

Patti - Parallax One Page WordPress Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Talk about a website that adds value to your worth, talk about Patti. This one page wordpress theme comes with parallax features which make it very resourceful for designing creative websites for any kind of business. Its customization options allow you to create something that is personal and brilliant.


10. Visia

Visia - Responsive One Page Retina WordPress Theme

$59 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you need a responsive website that will produce brilliant results within a short term, then you should try Visia. Highly functional and elegant, Visia is built with a Retina feature which makes it even more powerful for creating distinctive personal portfolio pages that will always stun potential employers.