Health is wealth. Can you ever think of a world without doctors ? What will happen when sickness calls? A single visit to the hospital will make you realize how important it is to stay safe. But sometimes sickness can occur even if you keep to a healthy routine. This is why doctors and other medical practitioners hold a special place in the society. But do you trust your doctor ?

A vibrant medical website is definitely one way to win the trust of patient; although not many medical professionals realize this. Your website goes a long way to speak about the level of care and trust patients can have in you. Even if you are compassionate about your work, patients might not really take a second look at your side, if you are not serious about promoting your expertise. So how can you get a website that speaks in high volume for your medical practice without wrecking your wallet? Simple…you need a medical WordPress theme.

Medical wordpress themes are a great way to gain the trust of patients regardless of your specialization. Using these themes is a perfect way for clinics, hospitals, laboratories and various medical centres to promote their works to the public. They are designed to give patients a wonderful experience online. All the tools you need to turn your website into the centre of attraction are duly provided. Apart for desktop browsers, these themes can work perfectly well on mobile phones and many other gadgets, giving your website even more exposure. So how do you choose?

Below is a list of some of the best medical wordpress themes that are currently available.

1. HealthPress

HealthPress WordPress Theme

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HealthPress is a great way for medical professionals to establish their credibility online and gain th trust of people. In a world, when anything that is not digital is hardly taken seriously, you need a website that is built from a theme like HealthPress. It is a perfect website solution for health consultants especially surgeons. You can use this medical theme for your hospital or clinic to improve your visibility online.


2. MedicalPress

MedicalPress WordPress Theme

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Another powerful wordpress theme for great professionals is MedicalPress. It comes with a lot of features and built-in options which you can easily scale to your needs. The design is simple yet it leaves a feeling of perfection on visitors. If you ever need a website that speaks loud for your professional, then MedicalPress is your best shot.


3. MedicalPro

Medical Pro WordPress Theme

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Do you need a wordpress theme that has all the latest technologies available to make a sophisticated medical website? If yes, then MedicalPro is for you. In fact there is no better way to describe a theme with so much power and purpose.


4. Health and Care

Health and Care WordPress Theme

Download – $59Demo – 320+ SalesHire Us

If you need a clean simplistic website that gives you a voice and distinguishes your hospital or clinic from others, then Health and Care Agency is an ideal solution. With it, you will easily get recognized from the crowd as a professional medical provider that can be trusted. It has a good number of customizable option which you can easily adjust to meet your needs.


5. Medicus

Medicus WordPress Theme

Download – $49Demo – 243+ SalesHire Us

If you need a website that will quickly put you on the first pages of Google, then you need this theme. Medicus is a dynamic website solution for medical professionals and establishments that can easily be assessed on any device.



Heal WordPress Theme

Download – $44Demo – 530+ SalesHire Us

Flexibile is often distinguishes successful organizations from static ones. You can easily make your mark on the minds of people with a flexible wordpress template like HEAL. This theme is powerful in every standard and can also be used to create interesting medical blogs. The features are exactly what you need to present your services in the most simplistic yet impressive manner.


7. Dental Care

Dentalcare WordPress Theme

Download – $59Demo – 340+ SalesHire Us

If you need a clean wordpress medical theme that fulfils the need for the hour, then Dental Care is what you need. Specially designed with amazing features for dentist websites, Dental Care is a complete platform to promote your medical expertise. It is one of the most reliable means for medical professionals to establish an online presence.


8. Medicina

Medicinia WordPress Theme

Download – $49Demo – 30+ SalesHire Us

Medicina is a well-defined moden wordpress theme for hospitals and medical centres. It comes with a lot of features for building complete functional medical websites with a professional design. You will find it very powerful and influential for captivating visitors.


9. Cosmedical

Download – $49Demo – 280+ SalesHire Us

It takes more than a sophisticated design to create a real professional medical website. Content organization and flow as well as functionality matters a lot. Cosmedical is a medical wordpress theme that can help you achieve a sharp professional looking website with less effort. It is completely responsive and thus will help you drive more conversion.


10. Medical-Link

Medical Link

Download – $49Demo – 630+ SalesHire Us

Medical-Link is friendly wordpress theme specially designed for health agencies and hospitals. It comes with a good number of adaptable features to give your medical website a distinctive appearance.