Having several web pages with flashy images and expensive designs is not necessarily an indication that your website will attract visitors. Most times, it all depends on how attractive the website is and how well you can create interesting content and organize them for easy flow and navigation. In fact, these days simple one page designs with better organization often do better than sophisticated multi-page web designs. This is because one page website templates are more effective for organizing information in one place. For instance, if your website is for promoting your business, you can use a one page template to quickly highlight your products or services to potential customers. Therefore, they do not have to comb several pages before finding specific information. This can help you gain more customers and viewers especially those who are always in a hurry to find what they are looking for.

Some of the best one page templates available are built on HTML and other popular web technologies. Let’s quickly look at some of the popular one page HTML website templates you can use for your website.


1. Honshi

Honshi - Creative Multi Purpose Template

$17 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you are an experienced webmaster, then you must have figured out already, that it takes a strongly designed website to compel users to buy products. Expert is the perfect digital solution to promoting affiliate and personal products to a global audience. This wordpress theme is loaded with numerous features which make it just too good for building a successful affiliate marketing experience.


2. Praxis

Praxis - Creative Agency and Portfolio Muse Template

$15 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you ever desire to create that rocking portfolio that will always makes everyone to have a second look, then Praxis is a good bet. A one page HTML template specially designed for personal portfolio and start-ups websites, Praxis is awesome in every way. It adopts a simple design with a realistic effect that leaves a print in the heart of your visitors. It can also work on any device.


3. Mortale

Mortale | One Page Personal Portfolio HTML Template

$14 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Talk about style, talk about Mortale. This classic one page personal portfolio website template is professional in every way. It allows you to promote your skills with so much beauty and style in a very unique way. It has been regarded as a perfect choice for creative talents such as photographers, designers and developers.


4. Marqa

Marqa | One Page Personal & Portfolio HTML Template

$14 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Marqa is one page theme that carries so much style and purpose. This HTML theme comes with a powerful functionality and features which makes it suitable for building incredible personal portfolio pages and resumes. It allows you communicate your skills and talents in the most illustrative way.


5. Eastern

Eastern - Creative Multipurpose Template

$18 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you need a robust template to keep in touch with clients, then Eastern is an ideal choice. This creative multi-purpose one page them comes with more than 15 concept UI elements that allows you to build powerful creative personal pages.


6. Kempt

Kempt - Creative Multi Concept HTML5 Template

$18 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Kempt is a multi-concept one page theme designed for small businesses, startups, agencies, freelancers and blogs. It can also fit in well for a personal portfolio website.

Based on Twitter Boostrap, Kempt comes with a lot of parallax features which you can personalize to your own taste.


7. Delta

Delta - Onepage Portfolio Template

$25 – DownloadDemoHire Us

If you are ever in need of a theme that can “wow” potential employers and keep them connected to your website, then Delta is a perfect choice. Designed with creative people in mind, Delta remains one of the best responsive one page website theme. It comes with a lot of attractive features such as blocks and builders which makes it a smart choice for building compelling personal websites.


8. Prema

Prema - Personal Portfolio HTML One Page Template.

$16 – DownloadDemoHire Us

There are not many one page themes out there that can produce a professional effect like Prema while still maintaining all the style and beauty common with parallax HTML sites. Prema comes with a unique design which makes it a perfect tool for creating smart personal portfolio websites and resumes. It also works well on any device or platform.


9. iNext

iNext - One Page Responsive HTML Template

$13 – DownloadDemoHire Us

iNext is a responsive one page website template built with HTML. It comes with a unique design and a lot of desirable features which makes it practically suitable for any professional website.

There are not many products out there that can boost of the same quality as iNext.



BIZNIZ - One Page Corporate HTML Template

$17 – DownloadDemoHire Us

Bizniz is one website theme that everyone is most likely to fall in love with. Built to meet professional standards, this creative business one page template is product to crave for. It comes with a clean elegant design and a lot of adjustable features which you can customize to meet your business needs. In fact, business will never be the same with a personalized BIZNIZ website to match your brand.

Finally, the best part of using a one page version for your website is that it saves you the trouble of developing long content. It’s simple design and layout makes it ideal for personal businesses and portfolio as it tends to convey the message more quickly in a creative style. Get a one page template now and get more conversions on your website.